Pen & Paper

This started as a class blog back in 2013 when I was attending my master degree course in Educational Technology. It was first hosted on a shared server using Wordpress but subsequently switched to Amazon S3 with Jekyll. Blogging was fun in the beginning. From Blogger to MoveableType to Wordpress, it was possible to build a small circle of friends around a blog. But the excitement soon faded as quality of the blog sphere was rapidly deteriorating, I stopped blogging nearly a decade’s ago and probably would not have started this again if not because of the course requirement.

This blog reminds me of the fun years in college, however. Instead of taking it down, I decided to move it to AWS as an exercise to learn about various AWS services such as EC2, S3 and Route 53. I’m not an expert in education nor technology but hopefully, I will be able to keep this blog active by documenting some of the things that I’m trying to learn.

I was trained as a civil engineer. Spent about 7 years in construction and design office. A MBA degree coupled with a good bit of luck helped me move to general management. Did some time in a public company as general manager before starting my own business. Retired. Semi-retired. Forced retirement. Went back to college and got a master degree in Educational Technology with a dissertation titled “Note-taking: the Impact of Technology on its Effectiveness as a Learning Tool”. Currently fully engaged in learning Big Data Analysis using R.

I’d be pleased to consider several hours of volunteer/community work per week. If I may be of help to your not-for-profit or charitable organization, please contact me by . Data munging, setting up or general maintenance of web sites, code cleaning and tidying-up (html, css and javascript only), web testing, preparing training materials/units of instruction, etc are the types of non-paid work that I have in mind.

Thank you for dropping by. Here is my favorite quote from Carl Rogers

“…. I do mean what I said. Teaching is, for me, a relatively unimportant and vastly overvalued activity”

May 1, 2014