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cmus - a cli audio player

22 May 2015

The use of online music streaming services has almost eliminated my need for a software music player. But when there are times that I want to play a few of my favorites in a less compromising sound quality than an online music service has to offer, I’ll always opt for cmus, a tiny player that will browse through my nearly 300GB digital music collection with ease, handles flac and can be easily configured to do scrobbling.

Installation is not more than a simple apt-get install cmus command as it is available in the main repository. It should work out of the box in most cases but for system using ALSA, the default settings will have to be changed to get sound. Press 7 within cmus, find the variables and change them accordingly as below:

> dsp.alsa.device       `default`    
>    `Master`    
> mixer.alsa.device     `default`    
> output_plugin         `alsa`

I use cmusfm for scrobbling. Installation is done by cloning the repo and build it.

git clone

Upon initialization cmusfm init, it will produce an error about not being able to write to its config file in .config\cmus\cmusfm.conf. I just created one manually using touch cmusfm.conf and rerun the cmusfm init command. Finally, cmus must be told to use cmusfm. This is done by going to the cmus setting tab once more. Press 7, find and change the following variable:

> status_display_program    `cmusfm`