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Debian Live (Persistence)

04 Jun 2015

Burning a live cd image onto a USB stick and configuring it for persistent storage is not a complicated task. I had Chromixium done in less than 10 minutes using unebootin. But it turned out to be not as straight forward for Debian (Jessie). Debian doesn’t recommend using unetbootin and the fact that all the top search results returned by Google for ‘Debian live usb persistent’ were outdated instructions clearly didn’t help.

There are conflicting instructions between Debian Live Manual 1.x and 3.x.

  1. Most results returned by Google are based on 1.x which suggest a live-rw persistent partition. The correct label for the persistent partition should be persistence.
  2. The proper boot parameter to use is persistence and NOT persistent as many have suggested.
  3. Last but not least, the persistence partition will not be recognized by Debian unless it has a persistence.conf file in its root directory.
  4. For full persistence, echo "/ union" >> /path/to/persistence partition/persistence.conf.