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eircom F1000 Modem

14 Dec 2014

The XyXEL F1000 modem that comes with eircom eFibre offers a wide range of funtionality. An average user will probably not use any advanced features except USB share. The user guide, however, seems to have explained all the modem’s features sufficiently well with the exception of USB share that almost everyone may find useful. There is no detail to show how to access a USB drive once it is plugged into the modem. The USB light on the modem goes green but it is not shown up in the file explorer. Googling didn’t help either.

The USB share is a network drive. For Windows users, it can be accessed by mapping it as such. It can be reconnected every time Windows starts if this is one’s preference. To map a network drive, go to “Computer” in the explorer window and click on the option “Map Network Drive”


Choose a “Drive Letter” and point it to \\\usbkey\ where should be the modem’s IP. Windows will prompt for username and password (which should be the same username and password that are used to access the F1000 modem’s user interface. Enter the credential and that’s all there is to it.

For Linux, the address is smb://admin@ Obviously, you will need smbclient to do that or you may wish to give “gigolo” a try. GNOME users may need gvfs-smb to enable access to Samba shares in the file explorer.