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Fonts - Infinality

08 Jul 2014

Font rendering was perhaps one of the bigger issues faced by Linux users in the past; the sharp and crispy fonts generated by Windows’ Cleartype are proprietary stuff. Linux users had to tweak their fontconfig to get something close to what Windows can produce. Importing/borrowing the fonts from a Windows OS helps but won’t exactly do the job as proper hinting and anti-aliasing depend on font sizes and screen resolution.

Most Linux distros nowadays produce decent screen fonts by default. There is really no need to do any tweaking anymore. But if you have to stare at the screen most of the time during the day for work or for fun, you may want to check out the infinality font patch. The result will be nothing short of breathtaking. Guaranteed. And you don’t need to make a pre and post-installation screen shot to notice the difference.

To install infinality in Arch Linux, follow the detailed instruction in the Arch Wiki. Just remember to add and sign the developer’s keyID.

To install infinality in LMDE or Debian (x86_64 only), follow the instruction as detailed in this forum post. You may need to sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts fakeroot if these are not already on your system.

I use ‘Noto Sans’ and ‘Noto Serif’ in my Chrome browser and ‘Inconsolata’ in my terminal console and editor. These are available free in Google Fonts and they work very well with infinality.