Pen & Paper


04 May 2015

Chromixium is a linux distro that recently came out of beta. I tried it out over the holiday weekend and was impressed. The distro has the appearance of a Chrome OS but is in fact powered by Ubuntu trusty with Openbox windows manager. Combining the simplicity of a chromebook GUI and the power of Ubuntu, it is a promising niche player among the many linux distros that are targeting the desktop users.

I installed it on a USB stick (live CD + a persistent partition) using UNetBootin. The entire installation process took about 10 minutes and I had a fully functional computer on a stick that I can carry anywhere.

I also installed s3ql to make use of Amazon S3 storage in case there are files that need a more permanent place for storage than a USB stick can provide. s3ql is available in the official Ubuntu repository. It basically turns my Chromixium on a 16GB USB stick into a computer with unlimited storage by mounting a S3 bucket in the local file system.